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Having Oge as our doula was AMAZING. She is extremely knowledgeable as it relates to the birthing experience and went out of her way to make my wife and me feel as comfortable as possible the entire time. Her guidance and support were invaluable. I couldn't imagine not having Oge as our doula during this process and would highly recommend her to anybody in search of one. I can't emphasize it enough....she was AMAZING!


I felt a strong connection with Oge the first time that we spoke on the phone. Her incredibly warm yet no-nonsense demeanor was transmitted and continued to make me (as well as my partner) feel completely supported and held throughout my pregnancy and birth. Even during such strange times when we could not be together in person as much as would be typical, I never felt the distance or as though our experience was lacking. Oge helped me feel prepared to realize the birth that I had long dreamed of, and when the day came her presence was invaluable. Knowing that she was there all along allowed me to relax into my experience that much more and felt like a great gift to myself. From our childbirth education session and showing us the way around a rebozo, to her varied and wonderful ways of supporting me during labor I would not have wanted to do this without Oge!!


Our experience with Oge (Jen) was superb. I honestly couldn't say better things. She was so accommodating and there for us in our time of need. She is knowledgeable, empowering, and steadfast, but what I appreciated most about her is her calming presence. She always put me at ease, even in the peaks of excruciating labor. And I was so glad to have her there in the joyous moment of our babies arrival. It really felt like she beckoned there after she had guided us in our journey.


Oge was my doula for the birth of my first daughter on June 29th. I connected with Oge in February and within a month, covid-19 unfolded. Oge quickly sent a detailed email with information on the virus, updates on hospital protocols, and the adjustments she would make to keep her clients safe while continuing to support them. Having everything laid so clearly helped relieve a lot of the anxiety that my husband and I were feeling as we faced our overwhelming, new reality.
In addition to our scheduled prenatal meetings, Oge was available by phone or text for all of my questions. She was thorough in her responses and often followed up with links so I could read in my own. Providing me with information and resources was something that really empowered throughout my pregnancy.
During my actual labor, Oge was calm and  helped my partner support me over the phone until she was able to get our apartment. With her support that day and in the months that lead up to it, my birth plan unfolded exactly as I hoped it would.


From the moment I met Oge, I knew she was “the one”. A huge part of the interviewing process for a doula is finding the right energy with someone that will be present with you through one of the most important, magical and stressful part of your life. She had a calming presence, wonderful energy and a confident strength that I believed she would be able to handle my plan for a natural unmedicated birth. My partner loved how she was laid back but also serious and had the ability to answer our questions and make us feel good about our decisions. The day of the birth she was the perfect addition to our team with my partner as the three of us labored together. Along with her calming energy, she had many ideas for new labor positions and ways to help me feel soothed and comfortable. My baby came fast and furious like my first and Oge just rolled with it and balanced my needs and the needs of the hospital, yet giving us all the right amount of space. After we had our baby boy we wanted her to stay and hang out and just breathe with us as a new family. I’m lucky to now call her a friend and have recommended her to many who are beginning this beautiful birth process. We would be so lucky to have Oge with you on this journey!


My wife and I felt so taken care of, so empowered and so prepared with Oge by our side. She not only prepared us for everything up to, and including the actual birth, but made sure that we had exhaustive information and resources to prepare us for everything having a newborn entails. Even though we only met in person twice because of COVID-19 (once for our doula interview months before the statewide pause, and then again for the actual birth!) we felt connected and cared for every step of the way. If you want a doula who will take an active role in your birth, who will communicate the in's and out's of different scenarios and decisions, and who will do all of that with expertise and compassion, then we couldn't recommend Oge enough.


Oge is the real deal. She is a non-nonsense, straight shooter compassionate doula who cares about her clients. She advocated for me in the hospital, helping me and my partner navigate the decision making process in a highly complex environment. It was really important for me to feel empowered and to have information throughout the process, and Oge was able to help me in more ways than I could have imagined. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a doula. Oge, thank you for helping me and my husband with one of the biggest life experiences of our lives. You’ll always be part of our story!


Our experience with Jen(Oge) was all we could have hoped for. She was very helpful throughout the entire process; and helped us before, during, and after the birth. Though our experience was not what we anticipated, she advocated for us, and provided the support necessary to make the best decisions for our family. We couldn't have asked for a better doula.


I would say that hiring a doula is a must! I loved how organized and forced each of our sessions were. I also think your background in meditation was also a minor plus and brought a lot to your practice.  We liked your approach and direct questions in our initial meetings. And really felt like our personalities meshed well.  We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommended you!


Oge coached us on when to go and provided her opinion so that we and the midwife we're confident when the time came to transfer to the birthing center. I couldn't have asked for better support. With the confidence that my husband and doula would take care of me, I was able to stay focused which helped my labor progress.  Simon and I were looking for someone we felt comfortable with and connected with off the bat. We both felt like you were an amazing listener and were really there to get to know us. You also had the training and knowledge in the type of birth we were interested in having. The combination of your experience, your warmth and understanding made it an easy decision for us. I felt taken care of by you and also knew that Simon was able to be by my side throughout because you were also taking care of him.  I remember in the hardest moment of my birth I would reach out for your hand. Your strength, even through the crazy cloud of birth was so evident. I knew you knew what I was going through and I could squeeze your hand through the hardest surges. I hope I didn't squeeze too hard!


From our first preliminary meeting, I could feel the warmth, expertise, and kindness exuding from Oge. Our mutual philosophies on meditation and self-care spoke to me immediately, but it was her confidence and detailed questions that made me know I wanted her as part of my birth team. The pre-natal classes were so helpful (I had taken some through the hospital, but the depth and care Oge took in her information supplemented those classes perfectly, not to mention I could ask detailed questions as we went), and as my birth neared, her one-on-one text/voice memo/phone call care was invaluable. I had a long early labor so every day I was discovering new things and facing new anxieties. I’m SO lucky I had her to download information from as I went. I highly recommend Oge to anyone looking for a grounded, thoughtful, informed, and rad Doula. She’s just the best.


Oge was an essential member of our team. She helped me and my partner feel safe and in control, and offered hands on support in a compassionate and deliberate manner.  Because of Oge’s knowledge, experience, and bedside manner, our daughter’s birth felt empowering and transformative. We were so lucky to have her by our side.  I’ve recommended her to every pregnant friend and will continue to do so until the end of time. She’s family.

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